Had a stupid dream

saw the captain i punched taking a CE woman to some tower

went and got elraine and we checked it out after the guy had left
crazy shit upstairs pentagram blood, scrolls, bed

attacked the knight i punched before he confessed to working with a devil to get the princess enthralled for him

told everyone about it after I arrested him

The elven ambassador wants me to get his daughter back to him

Kayla was taken by Azrad and velorel.


We camped for that night at a farmers house.

something branded the farmers house we think it was an agent of Azrad
Moved the family away and we continued to the capitol

made it there got everyone set up and went to temple to donate stuff and work with some items

Bro’d out with my mates

got caught up to speed with everyone back at castle

quarmeer got sent on a stupid mission by the queen that could get him killed.

Killed some wererats that were trying to kill a noble lady

Went to Dareleths house to work out some details on some stuff e wants my D for help but i wont give it up.


Went downstairs killed a demon

HAd Gloria destroy the temple

KAyla tried to charm me and I got a vision of the future where she was charming me indefinitely had me neutered, had kids.

kicked her out of the party, and we moved towards town

friendly competition with elraine getting the flirt on

Found corrupted amulet
Shield, Spear, 2 scrolls, potion, ring

Scroll of resoration
scroll of Stone Skin
Potion levitate

Large Steel Shield Light fortification
Ring and spear unidentified


Gloria thinks if kayla wants to go back into my body she can make it happen.

fought a skull guarding a circular token used to open secret doors here. There was the corpse of a cleric of avath that tried to defeat him before.

found a magic liquid room, moved on

Found aleah a harp player that azrad had a soft spot for. She was alive entombed here for a long time we will take her back with us.

Found a tiefling in the same state. Named Brellen. He was azrads hand servant.


Woke everyone up that morning. Got ready to go down when we finished getting ready.

Went back into the tower.

Kayla and I switched bodies and we sat around camp hoping that it would switch back eventually, rested that night.


Got to the temple with grudge

He warned off spirits near the temple with superstitious beliefs

we entered and fought 4 wights then started looting

Looted items from the dig site of azrad
Wand mithral glass case looks like an avath wand, sun symbols my language
28 charges Heroes Defiance
5 bottles pretty looking
Solid Platinum bar 10lb ~5000gp
White silk cloak orange trim +2 charisma , 1/day fiery aura 5ft around me 2d6 fire
Pauldrons with lionheads for shoulders
The lions change depending on whos wearing them.
Dire Leopard rug
30 something spell researching books
LArge well made blankets of exotic animals
Orante flask gold designs melded t glass, gems embedded, Its a genie in a bottle
case of expensive perfumes.

A genie was in the bottle and granted us three wishes
1 wish to restore grudge and myself
1 to bring kayla back
1 to bring shamus back

the whole party reunited.

heard a loud scream towards the bridge as we were reuniting
Overwight woman breaking through the bridge we were barely able to rescue her.
Her name is Gloria Pithouse


that night we heard a scream in the distance

We went to see what it was and found 3 dark elves carrying away a human

They were dragging a large man away from the scene. There was a camp of 2 enemies up ahead and they were turning up the fire.

One of the 2 we captured spoke of Lolth. I killed him
My old mentor has spoken of Drow before, they are ruled by females and broken up into noble houses. Lolth is a evil spider goddess

We found a riding spider, and a warhorse. An unusually large horse.

The spider is nuts. Really fast in spurts, can go in

We tracked the group to a cave We killed 2 of them but the priestess got away.
Took the one guy we were able to save back, the other 2 died. The man we found awoke the next morning.

GRudge was his name. (because he always has one) He said his real name is Seth. Hes a really nice person wanted to protect some people when the dark evles attacked him.


Buried shamus and kayla.

Looted items and checked out the temple.

Destroyed the evil items got a necklace with some blood in it

Tracked down the guy that left.

Killed him after he got out of the outhouse.


Got knocked out at the bridge

Awoke in a cell sphynx came to try to rescue me and nearly died in the process.

Called my sword to my hand and the sun arose so i gained all my stuff back for the day.

Healed myself and sphynx up and went on the warpath bitch.

Found a man in another prison cell. HE was an evil cleric killed him

Killed more guards and torturer, found shamus dead, found of kayla killed herself while being raped.

Found the clerics tent, killed him The captain got away.

Was able to save Elraine.


Met with the group and we left. Sunset first day come into a small village. Got to stay in a barn some family let us.

Woke up in the morning to a light snow, theres no sun out, its a dreary day.

Saw 2 guards near a family that was tied up and slaughterd. Someone left them there to die.

Told the guards we would take care of it so headed to the nearby village that the tracks left off to.

Meodow sheep is the town name simple people live here. When we got to the village we lost the trail they must be here, the trail led us to people there were 2 horses.

Came upon the tavern where there were horses outside and saw the bartender get pushed out and die infront of me. I stormed inside and slew them. Dragged 2 of them outside healed then lopped their heads off.

Kayla pulled some scroll off their horse they were planning to meat Melkor so they might be connected somewhat.

Came across the town of Suncross
Maidens bed is the only inn in town.

On the way to the inn we saw some woman man handling a woman in the street.
Stared him down until he let her go, shes a whore and he wants freebie.

Came to the inn and got horses rested.

Everyone got their own bed. Awoke in the night to sphynx growling at the door, could hear a converation about someone being owed money and the other guys were gonna break his legs or something if he didnt pay. The kid wants to be an adventurer and bought gear with borrowed money but doesnt have the coin to pay for it. I opened the door when they sounded like they were gonna take him away to beat him up.

2 guys with hoods and scarfs looking like thugs. Payed the kids tab. Told him that adventuring isnt good for money thats not the reason you do it bro., We got ready to got he next morning.

Elraine was talking to the kid telling him the same stuff i was, its about everything else about the gold.

He wanted to join us and went to far as to just follow us without me wanting to. Shamus convinced him to eventually just go back by telling him were out of is league.

We slept in a families barn and moved on the next morning.

We stopped at what we think is the last village on the way to where were going. Its a little early but we stay the night anyways. Very small town.

There are people int he middle of town trying to tame a wild majestic white horse. They are soon to neuter and make a plow horse. The horse came riding into town just before winter set in. I tried to calm the horse down and forcefully mounted it. It went crazy but i eventually wore it down to being calm.

We found chainmail barding that it used to use back when it actually fought. It seemed a lot more calm in its armor. Its a wild majestic beast that is BREAD FOR WAR. Its in his prime, his name is White Rage.
There was a black lance with a gold tip on it.

The villagers fed us We slept until morning.

Rode for a while until we found a small cave to rest in for the night.

Up a head there was a bridge over a crater. Waiting int he center was a man in full black armor. It was aldrek leerson the anti paladin. Slew him on the bridge, he fell off the side.

Kayla got picked up by a giant owl. and scooped her away. There were people on the other side they took kayla and shamus and told me to come over. One took my sword it burned him then another man kicked it off the ledge. Before it got to far away I jedi mink tricked it back into my hand and attacked at the man infront of me.


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