MArch 26th

Date: June 10th

My mentor Vance left a week ago with the rising sun. He told me to keep his teachings in my heart in case we don’t meet again. He left because its time for me to go out in the world and prove my worth and find my own path.

I took a week after Vance left to pray and meditate and focus myself on leaving on my journey. I am a bit reluctant to leave because of my family but this is ingrained in my mind to continue with my journey. My family is prospering on the farm.

sister is pregnant with her second child. which is a little odd because they’ve been married for 6 years. Alrec (sisters husband) claimed she might not be as fertile as he had hoped. Jamies first son is named Julian he is 5 years old he is very outgoing as a child he might make a good ranger or druid he loves nature.

I awake in a dark room, hear dripping water. The last thing I remember is talking with my parents about leaving, or going somewhere and I would be back but the details are hazy. Everything after that is a blur, I’m not sure how much time has passed since then and now.

I am bruised all over and my face is a bit swollen. I’m wearing nothing but a loincloth. There are old whip marks on my back that have healed some almost seems like a week or so since I got them. I get flashes of memories of being whipped. The room is completely dark.

I feel some bones on the ground. I find a old torch and flint and steel near the bones. The only thing I still have is my necklace. I lite the torch and look around. I am in a hallway with alcoves on either side of me. the ceiling above me has been collapses and there is a bit of rope hanging down.

Found an old belt pouch with 3 CP. An old ceramic bottle with dust and dirt on it. Faded celestial writing on the bottle it says “Health”

I heard what I think was a zombie on the other side of a door so I decided to continue down the opposite hallway. Found a defaced statue of a small humanoid riding a dog/wolf or something. I think it might have been a goblin. Found and old arrow and a dagger and hilt in an old pot. Inside the mouth of the dog statue there was a switch that opened a secret door.

There was a zombie behind the secret door. It shambled towards me and spewed a cold liquid over my hands as I went into it. I was able to put the zombie down. I took the longsword from the zombie and the small wooden shield. In the room I found a chest with armor padding and a chainmail suit. I also found some coin, another bottle and 10 gold coins. The chain shirt seemed magical. Had to leave the scrollcase behind because I don’t have room to carry it.

The next room had 2 pillars and a erotic moziac on the floor. Looks like an orgy feast, a guy doing a guy thats doing a girl, and other sex acts around them.

Another room had a comfortable feel to it, but had a zombie in the middle of it. I tried to sneak up on the zombie with my dagger. I was able to drop the second zombie. Found a small silver statue of a warrior with a spear and shield. More erotic pictures. Found a skeleton with a bastard sword and a backpack. The Bastard sword has celestial writing on it “By Avaths Light” if the command word is spoken it shines brightly like a torch. I took the holy symbol of the mans corpse he must have been a preist of Avath. He had arrows in his chestplate and a wineskin next to him. Must have been his last drink in this horrible place.

More erotic pictures in the floor in the next room and a 1 way door back to the hallway i started to. The next room had a statue of a young handsome naked man with a smirk on his face. He is facing a woman on the other side who resembles him in age and beauty smiling back at him.

The next room had a pedestal with an oversize skull resting in the middle of it. I skipped over it to check another room because the door to move on was locked

Another room had an arrow trap.

Another room had a fountain with a male statue peeing into it, a woman laying down across from him amused. Also a mozaic on the floor of several naked women lounging on couches with 3 plump effeminate men serving them. THey seemed like they might be eunichs.

Back to the skull room. I turned the statue and 4 alcoves in the room opened revealing 4 undead skeletons. The skeletons attacked me in this room. I barely able to succeed in fighting. In the alcoves I found a black leather pouch inside were some coins. In another chest I found another potion, a small gold ring. In another I found 10gp and a pot of bull str.
In the last I found 1 plat and another health pot.

The next room had a pedestal with a book on it, and 2 tables with sutures, a metal rod almost like a branding iron. The table looks like they would be placed on their back and their legs would be spread. The book was called “The making of eunichs at a high survival rate.” This room was used for neutering males. The book says if the men are of age castrating them will eliminate the ability to bear children. And it talks about the roles of castrated men in their society. The castrated men seem to be servants to the women in this society. They seem to think it should be done to all enemies no matter what your use of them or not is. The author seems to relish the cruelty of her words.

I found a staircase in front of this room. The way out seems likes its been collapsed. I was finally able to clear some rubble and make my way outside. There is evidence that at one time there was a large complex here. the surrounding area is grasslands.

I heard the moan of a woman nearby on the opposite side of a pillar. I drew my weapon and walked towards the sound. the woman was strapped to a pillar. She was adorned in palatial regalia and jewelry. Her name is Cienna Bellana Petronis. She tells me this is the ruins Ulad. We are in the Frontier near the rogue kingdom of Scadia. Capitol is Scavis. This is continent Vire north of Skaul. We are near a rogue kingdom defying the hittani Empire. It is now late September.

She was left here to die by her family because she was arranged to marry a Scavacian noble but she refused. She was therefore doomed to die here. I learned a lot about her. We’ve decided to join together to get her out of this area safe and get me back home at the same time.


akrippler akrippler

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