were going to send tyrolis off to scout the area

Aleah said that brellen is missing.

In brellens room in his belongings found paper Something about rial showing up it seemed odd

Talked to Rial and the council then went to talk to Rial.

Rial imprisoned him to make an example. Got him otu apologized making rial work with glorai now

Azrad tried to tkae over Grudge but I stopped him and there was a blacklas suffered

Maelstrom wants me to go to some place with him on the island its a secret only me tyrolis and sphynx can go..

We get there its a 3 foot tall stone edge of the glade of perfect clear water. He made us wait hidden to see something

A hug white winged horse showed up out of the sky. 1 female and then 3 childeren.
Sunshear is the male, windspeed the female, son skypear, daughters sunglory and skywatch

They call Avath Solavire They asked for my help. A friend of theirs is being held prisoner by foul brutish humanoid living on southwestern side of island.

Mecklestrin is the friend of theirs he is a saytr. There is a cyclops holding him.


akrippler akrippler

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