March 31st

A man in the town said he saw me come by here came from the coast. He said I was in chains with other slaves. He says one of the slave drivers was particularity mean to me but the lord was telling him to calm it down. Evidently we were on our way to a town further within scadia. The banner they carried was of Casset Lorrel. He is the lord of a large town about 20 miles from here. Kassarel is the town, it translates to New Hope. There is a port city nearby names Kha Umid, it translates to sea baron. The town im in falls between these 2 towns. Slavery is allowed in this kingdom.

It seemed from the villagers that Lord Casset didn’t appreciate my treatment.

Lord Kier Sarel is the overlord of the small town I am in. He lives in Kha Umid. He seems only interested in betting himself and his position. Doesn’t care much about the village yet taxes them.

The villagers supplied me with some basics. and Pargons old horse. Named his Zepher. The smith took Zepher to shoe him properly. Kessed the elder showed me 3 women asked me to marry his daughters. I refused and spent some time resting before the feast tonight. Got myself a hot bath. Looked over myself for wounds Found a cut on my scrotum. Left thigh is a tattoo of a purple symbol. Phantom bruises all over my body. My hair is very oddly kept, my eyebrows, genital hair, body hair.

I kept a watch over Sienna while she took a bath. told her about my body hair she says it means Im going to be a house slave.

In my rest I see an image of a ship and elves in armor. The elves are forcing me into the ships hold. There are people here with me. Played with some kids. Sienna yelled for me suddenly.

Sienna came out of her shell a bit during the feast. Saw her laugh finally.


akrippler akrippler

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