March 27th

Date: Sept 25th Between 10 and 11 AM.

Cellani is of a minor noble family.

We are now heading for the town Cellani spoke of. We found a path that would take us to the village of Kasaal translated to place of footfalls. Seems like a small village of just a few hundred people. She thinks most of the people of Skauld have few redeeming qualities. She was supposed to be marrying the prince of Skauld. Her father has 10 daughters and 7 seven sons. Her father is the grand chancellor of the Hitanni Empire. She is a bigger noble than she is letting on is what I’ve learned.

Prince Kel Vagian was the man she was supposed to marry. Scadia and the hittani have had a bad reputation between them. Scadia and other minor kingdoms have allied against the hittani to hold of hittani expansion. The Scadians seem like barbarian type of people in teh sense of their physical ability. The present emperor of the hittani wanted to make peace with Scadia so thats why their marriage was arranged. The prince attempted to force her and she fought back and wounded him.

She doesn’t know how her father will feel about the situation. She thinks she will be punished by him for her actions maybe not death but it would be against her will. She is a sorcerer. She thinks her blood is that of dragons at some point in her lineage.

The prince she was to be married to would treat her like a baby machine and she wouldn’t have any say in her life its not what she wanted so she revolted. She thinks women are stronger in many ways than women.

The ring and statue i found were not magical. She asked me if she was the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, and I had to be honest and relent that she was. She cried, sad about all that she has lost. We talked about maybe an alias for her but she seems above it.

We saw a man on the road and Cellani yelled at him immediately “STOP! COME HERE!” The man seemed foreign to me in his clothing and appearance. The man spoke tous about his village and the trouble they are having here. Pargon and a few of his men have taken control of this village and proclaimed themselves the ruler of Kasaal. Seems like a bandit. Pargon and his men demand tribute and claim his daughters.

The man Dole we met is giving us board within his inn. His wife is children I offer them 2 GP to give us hoarding in the stable and some to collect the village elder. We sit in the stable and the wife brings us soup and hot drinks. There was a debacle of Cellani demanding a warm bath but I demanded she relented on her demands. She took a bath and the family brought us clothing. Celanni was unhappy with the clothing they brought us. But she eventually put them on.

Celanni taught me some common words. We bedded down for the night and woke up very early. Before dawn.

The village elder arrived that morning. His name is KEssed. He related the story of PArgons arrival. The town didn’t have a cleric to heal one of the bandits when they arrived. After that they forced the town into submission. Celanni wants to join me in ridding the town of the bandits she demanded a weapon but wasn’t happy with the dagger I had.

The farmers son took us to the center of town we saw the throne. Sienna lured the man back around the house. We knocked him unconscious and tied him up and left him in the cellar.

We followed another to a house where he was starting to rape a woman. Knocked him down and bound his wounds before we headed for the next one. We found the third outside the common house was he was wheeling a boy away from the scene. Bested the third man left Sienna to keep him alive as I went for the final thug.

After a fierce battle I bested the last thug. The village elder gave me a necklace as a gift. Its a small gold image of a toucan. The necklace gave me the ability to speak their language. The village elder also bestowed on us a house for us to stay in while in their village.


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