We left early to get back home. Quarmeer eats as much as 35 fucking men. Paid a lot of gold to get us all home

We made it home but Rihal had moved my base. It was now on an island with a small village.

Rial snuck some paperwork in to get a claim on the gold mines near our old base. He then traded that land for the island here.
Pret (Vahemble) the shaman (Kickmok) and the seargent (Kravos)

Town of Kha Morat, on Krek Island, Grimfang Keep is where I stay.
Volcano on the other side

Rumors of Druid in the woods.
They beleive he has a little manor with some followers

Fishing boats and Pearl hunting keep up their economy.

Issues to be solved
How to integrate the mongrel men into our society.
Speak with village people

As I went to speak with village people there was a elven fellow getting off a boat. He just went into the middle of the island away from the town

Met Traven the elder.

The elf busted in and said Draven sold the elves this land and they will be coming to take it

Elder said something has been taking stones from the water and setting them up on the beach doing something disturbing. Idols and blood and stuff.Small number of people have gone missing since then. Some disapered from land some from sea. People on load were further away from middle of town.


44 Plat
10gems 10g ea
2 gems 20g ea
15 500gp jewelry
8 1k gems
13 5gp gems
26 100gp gems


akrippler akrippler

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