june 20th

The captain has imprisoned Ivar
LT Shane has stepped up to protect the princess now that the commander is dead.

Went to speak with IVar, Shamus detected his thoughts learned he was doing this all on his own hoping for some pay from Draven.

During the night one fo the fishmen came to speak to me. He was in coral armor and using a staff. Queela is the creatures name. He/she said that the ones that attacked me were highwaymen. Its the queen. She says one fo the enemy tribes has her son imprisoned. The enemy king that holds her son has a magic stone that he is trying to figure out how to use. She says the stone has the ability to flood the world.

The other race she speaks of is called the Scum.

Went to get Kayla to join me. The queen gave us necklaces to help us in the water.

We swam for a long time and came to a coral city. The plan is to attack the men while they transfer the gem and boy. Name of the guide she is sending with us is Ithax.

Ithax wants us to kill his brother when we find them. Ithax let loose that his mother wants my blood to do a ritual with the stone.

At the end of the fight kayla blinded Ithax and we stole the stone and ithax’s trident and left them. Headed towards the coast.

I put my speech necklace on them they offered to take us to our ship talking to kayla.

We got back to the ship and told everyone what happened.

june 19th

Sphynx got away from me, looked all over the boat and couldnt find him.

Sphynx brought back a vial of poison with a scarf.
Sphynx tells me it belongs to the man ive been eyeing the whole time.

The captain came to see me with the man, the man said I was going through his stuff. As we talked about what Ive learned A bunch of SAHUAGIN started attacking the ship.

We killed the SAHAUGIN.

At dinner I learned the commander is the princesses second cousin, a lot of his men got killed during Dravens attack.

The captain used to just be a regular sailor but was granted a ship for saving his old captains life. captain gathered his whole crew himself. The captain runs the ship freely unless the queen asks for his assistance.

Tried to convince the captain that Ivan tried to poison. Captain said Ivar was seen milling about around Dravens at one point.

Kayla was in my room half naked. Told her I didnt want this now, and got her to leave.
Got Shamus to come back and take a nap.

Heard Sphynx growling during the night walked outside and the last surviving sea creature attacked me, he got smote

Elraine tried to hide it but i found out the commander forced himself upon elraine.

Went and accused the commander. He tried to deny it. Followed him out on the deck and accused him in front of everyone. Challenged him to fight for Elrains honor and killed him.

june 17th

Executed the man. took his head and bagged it.

Met two men traveling my sword glowed showing someone was chaotic evil nearby. One named Zephed one named Zane. I told them that one of them is on an evil path and they should try to stray from it.

Spoke with the Pret (Vahemble) the shaman (Kickmok) and the seargent (Kravos) They call themselves the Vahene. Spoke with everyone about bringing the mongrel men and my crew to the tower.

We gathered all the gold we could, even sphynx led me to a key. Then took me to a marker and dug up a chest. A giant chest full of gold, it was too heavy to carry we had to
Gave the gold tot he council to use as they see fit.

Gathered the party, told elraine the plan to drop the head off at dravens and bring the ship to us outside the city.

The ship arrived at the boat eventually. Met the princesses commander Lukan. Met the captain Blackheart. My sword glew brightly when I stepped on the ship. I picked up something evil from a guy on the ship as I shook his hand. It may just be an evil thought and not the one my sword glows for.

Sphynx picked up something about the food and the man that pinged my evil sense.

june 15th

The men wanted to speak with me. Its about Tholin the man that raped Kayla. Tholin says that some of the lord of Kha umids men (draven) has captured an important woman. Acted like it was bandits. She is being held in some tower nearby. The people in Kha Khal might be able to tell me where this tower is.

Sphynx picked something up in the air and me and 3 men headed towards it. Sphynx found a man in the shed nearby listening to our conversation. Disarmed him and spoke to him.
He refused to tell us any information. Sphynx put on a show of attacking the man.

Draven apparently spoke with undead elf (veloral) and sen this man, (his second cousin) to find out if I was going to interfere. The man gave me directions to the keep. The cousin is supposed to report ot Mason strator the man in charge of keeping the woman prisoner.

Grace confirmed the existance of the tower, Nicon’s tower, an old wizards tower.

Went back to the cabin to sleep.

Woke in the morning to speak about the temple and how to handle the situation with the group.

Shamus told me of Nicon, he was obsessed to create life from magic. And mess with life all together. Preformed experiments on people. A paladin eventually came by to kill him.

We came upon the tower eventually.

Prisoner told us she is Princess Andria from Aronia. Small kingdom on north border of Scadia.

Staros came back to Kha Khal and roughd up Grace then killed his son. My men captured Stratos

Andria was in Scadia because her people had heard that Scadians were setting up border raids to start a war against Aronia. She came to gain Scadian assurance that they wouldnt start a war. Theres been territorial disputes between Anoria and Scadians for a long time.

Stratos was carrying a sword on him. When i pulled it from the sheath it spoke to me. Its the sword of Galoron the bright defeater of Nicron. The sword is named SunStrike.

Sunstrike told me they collected an old wizards bones and Im guessing thats why the lich spoke with Draven.

The sword is chaotic evil bane, glows brightly when in the area of chaotic evil people. I singled out a man named Ervat who is obviously the one the sword is glowing for.
Shamus detected thoughts on the man, he planned to poison me with some demon blood poison.

We are going to take the princess back home.

Spoke with the rest of the village as we left town. Checked on Everends grave one last time.


june 12

Found the little girl buried up to head in dirt and covered in honey.

Brought JAred and the girl back to town without incident. Were unsure about what to do with Jared.

Woke up to Spynx being dead and the party all disappeared. I geared up and walked to the meet where they held Everend naked hostage and the leader demanded I surrender. When I surrender they kill Everen. His name was Captain Vrod.

He is releasing the rest of his prisoners since I gave up.

We traveled for a bit before they caged me. A high ranking officer talked to me during the night. He says I was set up during my slavery before. I was moving up towards a position of some power. Someone jealous set me up killed some guards and framed me for a rape of his daughter. The man who framed me and raped princess was Commander Tomak Vesan.

If the commander finds out I know the story he will do everything he can to kill me. The LT that told me all of this was LT. Ellic Bartos, his brother Debran Bartos was killed by the commander.

The lord of Kha surel is Soren Rogart. The LT tells me he is a bit of a tyrant but he is honest.

That morning the captain killed the LT that told me all this news.

As the guards were handling me some of them hinted that they will work with me. They put a sword in my hand and started fighting the guards.

Slayed the Commander and slayed the archer that killed Sphynx.

The men that helped me fight wanted to serve me. I told them I would help them get back under the service of their lord. The Sargent Kravos. They served an oath of Fealty . 10 men are serving me as I ride back to meet my party.

the next morning after camping a final man arrived, the one that was part of raping Kayla and he wishes for redemption as well. I accepted him into the party.

When I arrived at the village Sphynx was alive, a watch at the edge of town revived him.

Met the rest of the party.

june 6th

Elrayne looted some jewels/jewelry/money from the corpses before we left.

We hustled back to town. Grace had a peice of paper when i returned to him. Its from the guardsmen telling me to meet with them because he is holding kayla. We left to go back to the cave and finish this.

I came clean with shamus elrayne. They told me of politics in this area. The king is weak, the prince is powerful and charismatic. The prince has created a good ol boys club between all the young lords and their sons.

The lord of Kha surel is Soren Rogart.

We made our way down to the cavern. There was a large arch with a purple glowing light in it. Another room with cages hanging over holes. Found an adamantite dagger underneath a skeleton.

Found a man in the cage with a scar on his head as if they preformed surgery on his brain. Jared is his name. Hes seems off probably because they did something to his brain. Demanded a weapon from me I didnt give him one.

The portal has a gem on either side. the one on the far side has to be destroyed first then this side. Meaning someone has to be stuck on the far side.

The man is serving under Lord Dumont Tyrion. of a large town near by. Town name Kha Vien. A lord is making some money working with the darrow bringing them prisoners. They brought the prisoners down they were 3 10 year old kids.

The groups all drew straws Everen drew the short straw and was getting ready to go. Aethic demanded he go and knocked everen unconscious. He says he has the best chance to make it out.

He told me of his girl from Kha Surel he wanted me to tell her he will hope to see her soon. Leaan MAron.

On the other side of the portal was a large walled city with cages and fires surrounding it. There wasnt anything guarding the other side.

We destroyed the gate and barely made it out as the cave was destroyed. it collapsed behind us.

June 2nd

Grace was speaking with the village about the plans. I asked to borrow some horses he gave us 1 donkey for Shamus.

Garce said some man named Gran Beltaine wants to speak with me about something. It might have something to do with a thief.

As we set up the area for the ambush a large man arrived on site crossbow with a spear. His name is Juicy. He wants to help fight. We asked him to meet us.

told Aethic he should either fight for what he lost or lie down and die. W went outside to waste time and eat until it was time to leave.

Some of the people were shuviing the man whos daughter was taken. I went and quelled the situation.

Juicy showed up and we went to talk to Gracen as we were leaving. Aehtic arrived to join us for the fight.

We ambushed the bastards and wrecked their buttholes

may 30th

Spoke with the party about elraine

Rial wants to put his head on a body.

Spoke with Shamus about his past. He made a sortie into the cave with some villagers and lost the battle then was captured.
We spoke about the matriarchal like ruins i were in.
He spoke of a home that he owns in Kha Umid

Spoke with him about Azrad the ever burning, he worshiped Kuric. Azrad loved fire.

During our conversation Sphynx jumped up snarling at a man, he said that there is something wrong with him that sphynx doesnt like.

His name is Aiden Derb. Hes a farmer in town or so he says. He says he has a darrow locked in his basement. He had a weird bag of coins. It’s the darrows coins. Why did he disarm him and not take his weapons? I made him tell me the whole truth.
The darrow want him to lure me into his basement and trap me down there. his daughters name is Shieen.

We talk about how to best ambush the enemy.

rial told me his earliest memory. About a giant with red hair red/black skin, very hot area lots of Forges. The giant was making a helmet and yell at Rial. Rial spoke of his past. Hes been around for atleast 10000 years in my opinion.

The boy awoke his name is Aethic “the blunt”. He was a sword for hire for a merchant when he was captured traveling from kha surel to kha umid. told him they removed his testicles.

Spoke with Gracon about the situation and the blue guys invading and how we should ambush them.

As we spoke men arrives from Kha Surel surely looking for me. Grace does not want to give me to them. Gracon told them Im gone. They know im with a female sorceress and a male elf. Gracon told them they arent with me any more.

They were going to torture everend because they caught him. The village stood by my side and we were able to get them to back off.

may 24th

We found a room with 3 blue men and 3 hostages Killed the 3 blue men.

Found Shamus the wizard in one of the cages. the boy on the slab had some worms put in him. The young man in the cage had dog testicles put on him.Shamus told me they are called Darrow

Shamus is from Mirkain like me. He told me the young man in cage is named Lennic, looks like a warrior.

Found a potion, scroll, belt,
Small box of gems, mithral bracelet, surgical knife admantite gold handle with jewel

Scroll of cure disease/cause disease
Belt of Ant Haul
Potion of neutralize poison

We used the cure disease on the boy with the worms on him they got puked up.

Fought some tentacle monster. Found a way to the under dark.

Found another room with 2 cages with mismatched stiched humans dogs humans males females. Another blue guy.

There was a mass of people magically sewn together I had to kill 5 of them to save the others.

Broke up with kayla she got pissed and left for Kha Surrel.

She killed my horse Zepher.

may 17th

Found Coal but he was disemboweled and wasnt going to survive. I had to cut his throat to put im out of his misery. We collected some magical clamps. Destroyed some golem like thing. Jammed the elevator and left.

Grabbed the alive boy in a cage on our way out. Set a small trap to so we would know if someone left the cave.

Got back to town and rested. Talked with elraine she is from Kha Surel. She talked to me about the lord of the town. He seems like a somewhat fiar man, this may just be because his father was so harsh he seems OK in comparison. He’s married, his daughter was raped by an escaped slave. Its me they are talking about.

Spent some time resting, ate, played with dog, and kids around town.

As we slept Sphynx awoke me telling me Elraine left the room. Spynx and I went after her. We found her trying to track some noise she heard during the night. It was 2 people having sex. Graces son and the blacksmiths wife. Both are married to other people.

Elraine made a pass at me after we spotted that scene on the way back to the house.

Spoke with Rial during the night alone for some time, he recommends I attempt pursue a relationship with Everen or Elraine instead.

We headed back to the cave. Found a room with a bunch of baby troglodytes and a few guarding them. We killed them that was all the trogs we found.

The clamps we found help with taking out organs of bodies. Gave them to everend so he can put it in his healers kit.

We headed down the elevator and stopped there to explore the cave.


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