entered dravens place through the basement. Met Gabriel Sword a 10 year old boy that draven was starving out in his basement. got him out

He was there because he was to take a message to fort fallenguard that was for captain isenfelt it said “kill the little girl” .I got gabriel out to safety and had him plan to meet me outside of town after im done.

worked my way to draven killing all manner of baddies on the way. When I got to draven I threw him off the balcony and then brought gabriel back home with me.


barely made it out of castle with elraine got her and shiela back to island with my pegasus

Went to find garoth and spent time with im he introduced me to a sorcerer whos going to help us fight.


Sunshear came to me late at night and wants to serve me.

super badass plan was totally ruined by bob got captured by draven


Adrian the priest of the hollow caller sought me out because he wants to join in the path i am taking. His views are interesting looks like a surfer dude which is odd for apreist of death

hot little 18 year old slut came in chain shirt black hair green eyes fair skinned. Her name is Shiela. Her father in Kha surel bribed her way into fighting school.

Headed out with corella and tyrolis to find the cyclops and save the saytr.


were going to send tyrolis off to scout the area

Aleah said that brellen is missing.

In brellens room in his belongings found paper Something about rial showing up it seemed odd

Talked to Rial and the council then went to talk to Rial.

Rial imprisoned him to make an example. Got him otu apologized making rial work with glorai now

Azrad tried to tkae over Grudge but I stopped him and there was a blacklas suffered

Maelstrom wants me to go to some place with him on the island its a secret only me tyrolis and sphynx can go..

We get there its a 3 foot tall stone edge of the glade of perfect clear water. He made us wait hidden to see something

A hug white winged horse showed up out of the sky. 1 female and then 3 childeren.
Sunshear is the male, windspeed the female, son skypear, daughters sunglory and skywatch

They call Avath Solavire They asked for my help. A friend of theirs is being held prisoner by foul brutish humanoid living on southwestern side of island.

Mecklestrin is the friend of theirs he is a saytr. There is a cyclops holding him.


Found a man named tyrolis in a sac. He was on a ship and it was attacked by fishmen. He got knocked off and woke up here.

took him back to castle met his father there he wanted his son back

tyrolis will stay here to help me defeat fishmen while his father goes back home. Payment for saving his son he is going to get my sister brought back to me.

Corella Syare showed up out of nowhere. She is the neice of Draven but she hates him. Draven had her brother killed on some foolish misson, it wasnt intentional. He got rid of the man she was going to marry. Tons of other reasons she hates him.


MAelstrom seems to be pulling his weight so far but he keeps playing tricks on sphynx

Made it to the druids house. Its dug into a hill like a hobbit hole.

Selann Eaglepoint Female human leather amror plain looking with spider monkey on her shoulder.

Krek Male half-orc ugly looking burnt face broken tusk. Studded leather quarter staff, scimitar shield.

Krek told me of Aradrea the dryad nearby. She is part of his grove

He says there is danger nearby the volcano He is OK with the village
He has been alone here with Selann for some time.

He hates draven he says draven knows of a resource here on the island. Krek doesn’t want ti collected as darkwood trees would be destroyed in taking it.

He says in regard tot he fishmen, (Kuwatowins) there is a cave nearby with cultists in it, he wants me to destroy them. There is also a underwater outpost nearby that has kuwatowin human hybrids and kuwatowins that i need to destroy as well.

Krek says near the volcano theres a small conclave of Fiery snake men.
extraplanar, evil, theres a sorc and cleric, and they invul to fire and nonmagic weapons.
Hes afraid they will destroy the village come summer, the only reason they arent destroying shit now is because tis cold out

Left after talking to him.

On the way back MAelstrom put a earring in me its magical but he doesnt know what it does, he could have cursed me.


MAlstrom says we can go to fey world and find these things to eat that will make us able to breath water for a day so we can assault the underwater base.

We make our way to the cave.


Spent the night at Sunrise Castle

Found out Gloria had been raped by orcs a long time ago i dont know how to handle this

Quarmeer killed a man for insulting him, turned out the man attacked and threatened him.

Sent correspondence to the druid through sphynx got a response.

Grudge was in town trying to convince the people to accept the mongrel men

Went into forest to find druid and raninto some faries Maelstrom was the one I met.
MAelstrom told me his name is StormRage but his real name is Belden Frink


We left early to get back home. Quarmeer eats as much as 35 fucking men. Paid a lot of gold to get us all home

We made it home but Rihal had moved my base. It was now on an island with a small village.

Rial snuck some paperwork in to get a claim on the gold mines near our old base. He then traded that land for the island here.
Pret (Vahemble) the shaman (Kickmok) and the seargent (Kravos)

Town of Kha Morat, on Krek Island, Grimfang Keep is where I stay.
Volcano on the other side

Rumors of Druid in the woods.
They beleive he has a little manor with some followers

Fishing boats and Pearl hunting keep up their economy.

Issues to be solved
How to integrate the mongrel men into our society.
Speak with village people

As I went to speak with village people there was a elven fellow getting off a boat. He just went into the middle of the island away from the town

Met Traven the elder.

The elf busted in and said Draven sold the elves this land and they will be coming to take it

Elder said something has been taking stones from the water and setting them up on the beach doing something disturbing. Idols and blood and stuff.Small number of people have gone missing since then. Some disapered from land some from sea. People on load were further away from middle of town.


44 Plat
10gems 10g ea
2 gems 20g ea
15 500gp jewelry
8 1k gems
13 5gp gems
26 100gp gems


met father egrid he told me a paladin sunny purelove will be arriving soon

saw the succubus get banished.

the princess said that she thinks her mother is talking with draven
afraid she is trying to get rid of her

Went to speak with lady seela shes the elven ambassadors daughter

Sir Bruden is the guy marrying her.

convinced them both to come and speak with her father.

talked with the ambassador he gave me my pass. he pretty much spelled it out that he is going to kill ser Bruden

went to temple the necklace with blood was demon blood we had it destroyed

amulet was a store lay on hands and you can use it later.
crystal of healing hands

captain stormeye (durden) will take us back home.

Delroth gave me a town name and owner of my sister in elven area.

the guy is a specialist tailor that owns a business and owns her.


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