may 6th

We went to get the room situated. I asked if there is anything fun to do from the innkeeper. She told me there is a park and some fun stuff to do. And theres a play at 8pm

Lost the archery contest, won the ring toss, got kayla a medallion and a stuffed unicorn. Then we went to see the play.

We were being followed by the guard that has a thing for Kayla. When we got to the inn Everen was beatin cakes on the girl from Dravins place. We had to wait for them to finish because he was doing it in the main room.

KAyla kept getting afraid of the guard watching her at night, and I fucked that shit like whoah.

Everens girl was named Kirah.

WE got breakfast. Kayla braided Rials hair and we gave him a badass fu man chu.

We counted the gold/gems from the chest. We can’t appraise the gems/jewelry. We went to an appraiser Pleebal Cobbles.

Gems/Jewelry worth 1000g

Bought a morning Star for Everen. As we left we saw sphynx sniffing the air growling at something.

may 5th

We decided to name the blink dog Sphynx

Saw a man with long brown hair and circlet on him standing over a wounded man. Identified himself as Keosh. Keosh says the man is his bounty. He is not a man of the law.

The bounty wronged a minor noble named Jarosh Reghul. We forced Keosh to back off and the man introduced himself as Veno. He wants to stick with me to protect him so that Keosh wont come back and get him soon.

Found out Veno may have raped a woman and killed an innocent during his escape. Veno wants mercy in exchange for information. He claims a village needs help. When he finnaly accepted telling me about it in exchange for leniency. He tried to run.

There is a village by lake Kha Kahl. The crown might be willing to sell the land to JArosh if the people are wiped out. He wants the land because of a mine that is pretty much unknown. Jarosh knows of some Troglodytes, he is going to let them wipe out the village.

I ended up giving Veno to Keosh to take to Jerosh hoping I can foil this plan. Went to see Draven

Met a guard named Vren. Hes the bastard son of Jarosh. We have a lot in common on our beliefs. He is a fighter.

Kayla told me she was gonna try to change. Everen totally macked on teh serving girl that took us to Everen.

I Told Dravin about Veno. Told him to go claim him from Jerosh at the right time.
Dravin made an offer for Kayla to be his mistress/wife.

Kayla and Everen had a fight, Gave everen some gold, told him to go get his dick wet.

Told Kayla about Dravins proposal, she refused and wants to stay. Went to Keosh and told him to enact the plan, and not to fuck with a nigga (me)

Kayla and i talked about doing somehting nice for Everen to show im she cares about him. We went to go get a silver knight made up for him. Payed 50g itl be ready in 3 days.,


april 27th

found a vase with a muffled voice coming from it. At the end of the stick that was poking out of it was a talking bearded head. His name Rial. He is a nice person afaik. He was an adviser.

I tied the head to my belt, his former master was Julian. King Julian forth of Astroskis. His last master was Kale the killer bloody body.

Kayla found a small golden flask that can tell if someone is lying.

We found gold necklace i gave it to kayla.

As i exited the tomb the pret told of me a dog creature upstairs. It seemed like a ghostly dog figure. The blinkdog was injured, evern healed him. It wanted me to follow it, and took me to a group of 4 men.

Met the group they are Terlot, Shale, Linor, Oscoal, Burk, It’s obvious they are holding the blink dogs puppy. We sent the blink dog off to go try to get help from his pack. When the pack showed back up we went back in to talk to the party. We made a show of force. and convinced them to. The blinkdog chose to stay with us after we returned the baby to the pack.

April 20th

As i spoke with Everend a Mongrelman came in and brought us some disgusting looking food. We went back in to try to recover Valorel and clear out the crpyt but his body was missing.
We found 2 skull faces on walls, I was able to depress the eye sockets to open a door.

Valorel was under the control of a creature in this room. The creature is “Azrad the ever burning” he is looking for the relics of Azood.

Found a
Darkwood MW spear
MW tower shield
+1 Breastplate w. Ghost touch
Gold Statuette of Azrad the everburning holding a pentagram with strange runes.
3 pots of water breathing, 1 lesser resto
Scroll case
+1 Mithral Dagger

a Bunch of gems/ gold

We met a zombie named Dramel Ambrand but he doesnt know why he’s undead. We asked him to wait for us in another room

In another room we found a pool with npymhs pouring water into it. Pictures of happy people bathing. We waded into the pool and it gave us all a good feeling

In another room we found a table with imprints for 4 hands A ball above it with crackling energy, and 2 poles humming. Kayla and I placed our hands in teh slots and felt a charge channel through us. We switched bodies. After switching with Everend over and over again we got everyone back into our own bodies.

In the next room we found a sarcophagus with busts next to it. Some black candles 4 mroe sarcophagi with wolfs painted on them. Moziac of a woman in a bed holding a rose on the floor. We decided to not disturb the corpses even though they had magic in the tombs.

april 19th

as I mourned Valorel outside the crpyt one of the mongrel men came to see me and told me another human was upstaires and asked me to go speak with him. His name was Evren, he called Sienna Kayla. Im realizing sienna is lying to me about her past. They talk about some incident in her past that she is unwilling to let me know about. Sienna cryed and tried to manipulate me about not hearing his story. We tried to cover his tracks as we backed into the crypt.

Evren grew up Sienna. Sienna has 1 brother and 1 sister, her parents are ashamed by her behavior. Sienna’s name is Kayla, her mother and father are farmers, she came from a small village. She was born outside of Kha Umid, “flushfield” was the village name. Kayla was the most beautiful girl in her village and had some magical abilities growing up. She always desired to become of a higher standing.

The scadian prince has a breakdown outside her village and came there to get it fixed and she threw herself at him shamelessly to try to gain standing. The prince was set to marry the real chancellor’s daughter so he grew tied of her. Eventually one of the princes guards insulted her about laying off him. She lured said guard back to her farmhouse killed him. The prince agreed to have her punished bythe villages standard. Her family and friends pleaded to have her just banished but during the trial it was determined she would be tied to a pillar and left to the gods. the princess the prince was ment to marry was named Sienna.

Evren was coming out to try to rescue her. The village is uncomfortable with Evren because he begs for banishment for her, he was interested in her and people knew he wanted to rescue her, thurdly he is bisexual. All of this combined made life very hard for him in the village.

Recently Evren got drunk and hit on a mercenary and initiated sexual acts with him. When the guy awoke the next day he was unsatisfied with what he did with another man and now wants Evren dead.

Kayla confirmed everything he said to me is true. Kayla Mervaul is sienna’s real name.

Evren and Kayla told me Vance came through their village at a young age and he was tracking down some murderers. Vance did tell me stories of this. We told Evren he should travel with us until he is safe. We left the mongrel men to keep them safe

Further down the road we saw the group of men approaching us from down the road. They wore a blue tabard with a sideways view of an arrow with fire coming off it. We convinced them to back off. They were the fireshaft mercenaries.

april 14

The Pret showed me the untouched areas of the tomb, we went down some steps they were fairly deep. Killed 2 zombies, Valorel found a room with 4 statues,

One had a cloak on it eagle clasp 1 saving throws
One had a leather belt diamonds with onyx stone +2 CON
One had a large steel shield green diagonal stripe with gold hawk on it +1
One had a Metal Helmet Auto Stabilization, See Invis 1/day for 30 mins
In the chest: Small Box with old Scadian Dieties with 18 potions in it.
6 are healing d6
3, 6 are lesser restoration, 6 are remove disease
78GP 42S 103C

Valorel died in a battle. The mage tried to resurrect Valorel as an undead, we finished the rest of the enemies and I ended Valorels life

april 12th

Walked past a few people on the way to town that avoided me and my company. A man and his teenage boy came up behind us heading towards town. He helped us carry the people in town. Shad was his name, his boy was named Jedden.

Shad told me of “Frost stone tower” An abandoned tower that used to belong to a mean overlord. rumors of him being a caster.
Supposedly some people killed the wizard and cleaned up the tower long ago. Shelleb was the wizards name back then.

Rumors are some kind of monster people have moved into the old tower. Humans with the blood of demons and devils. Tales of people disappearing from nearby towns rumors Shelleb is back at his old work again. Rumor of a labyrinth below the tower where he committed these atrocities. He told me the location of the tower. Overlooking a burned village Kha Teak, they were loyal to the wizard and were killed for it after he was slain.

The teenage boy says he thinks the family I saved is the Basker family. The old man offered to take in the 2 kids, I gave him 27 gold to care for them as best he could, he gave us directions to his home and his last name: Colby.

We got a room to rest for the night. I had dreams that night and Sienna awoke me, Dreaming about Lance. Sienna and I had an arguement about veloral leaving and she flipped and said something stupid.

We moved on to the keep dungeon area to talk to someone about the mongrelman captive. We will be speaking with the assistant warden about the captive, named Solek. Solek is unwilling to give me the mongrelman, he wants me to do a favor for him. He made me promise what I say here wont get outside the room.

Wealthy mans son was arrested for murdering some people, son is insane. Solek had another man killed in his stead, and got bribed to let him go. The man killed his own father after and escaped, then murdered a hooker, he carves a sign in their chests when he kills them. Mans name is Dorvis Chensen. dorvis is wearing his father signet ring. Ring has 2 owls resting on a sword. I told Solek that word of this wont get out, but if I catch him slip up again, I will bring him to justice.

Solek gave me a lead the hookers sister is named Debriah. Hooker that was killed is called Selena. Last name Crosspoint. Sister works at spiderleg tavern, she owns it. Married to a guy named Brant.

Explained the situation to Valorel and Sienna. We made our way to the tavern. Asked Debriah to sit and talk with us while we drank.

There was a armored/armed man in the corner looking all sketchy. He spoke to me with a catchphrase but i didn’t know what he meant. A man in the same armor and sword as me came in and spoke with the sketchy man.

I told Debriah why we are here. She described the man, 5"10’ good looking, curly blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect white teeth, 24 years old, dressed in nice clothing, ripped and tattered with blood spots on them. One of his eyes twitched. One of the drunks came into her tavern and told her that he saw where the man went, to a cellar underneath a nearby shop. He is wearing debriahs sisters necklace.

The two men talking screamed about breaking a deal, scorpian (the little guy) cheated the big guy and ran out on him. We chased after them to make sure the big guy didnt kill the little guy. Nothing came of it.

Odren told me what he knew about the murderer, the cellar he hangs in is an old pottery shop. Colven pottery. Rumor of a Tiefling in town, that heads out to frost stone tower. He shows up just before shops close and buys times.

Told Sienna how much I admire her and trust her. I sent Valorel off to scout the area, Loke came and told us that the guards were following Valorel, we went to help him but he had gotten the best of the guards and slipped away from him. He came back and told us about the area, theres a trip wire poorly made.

valorel took care of 2 traps, and a lock on the door as we made our way down to the cellar.Kid begged for his life and said he didnt do it. I killed him and we searched his body.

Found a pot of cats grace
10gp 7S 7c

Gave the sister the necklace, gave Solek the ring. He offered me a “favor” if I take down the Mongoose.

The shithead guard tried to stop me at the gate, I presented the paper and he had to allow me to pass.

As we left town there was a small encampment with some young kids. There was a banner of a man with a chain around his neck. I purchased the 4 slaves before they were nuetered.
I cut them all free and asked them how they were enslaved. Valorel stole the belt pouch back from the man by feigning unconsciousness.

The slavers came back further down the road and wanted to search us. Valerol feigned a disease and offered for them to search him.

April 9th

I chopped the head of Bloodspike off and rolled it towards the leader. WE gave the ruby back to the “Minok” or the leader. The cleric healed me. They have a small request for me. The Clerics son “Rivok” by the centaurs. Rivok used t trade with merchants and was waylayed by the centaurs.

The Prat gave me 100gp, 8 gems worth 10gp each, MAgical ring. and a potion.

Potion of bull strength
Ring of Storing cure spells. Swift to activate,

Sienna suggests praying on the mongrel mens goodwill to earn more treasure. I wasnt too pleased with her.

I told Valorel i consider his life debt paid and he is free to leave at any time. He doesnt feel the same way about his debt and wishes to stay with us either way.

We got back to town around 3pm. One of the guards gave me a very disturbing feeling as he eyed Sienna. He wore full chain seemed a little more important than the rest of the guards. The guards actually nonchalantly followed us for a bit but we feigned heading for the lords place and they eventually dropped off.

We then headed to a nicer inn to get some rooms. The Golden Mane We got he suite for 10gp.

We all went to eat and hung out for a while Sienna let her hair down a bit and was really great to be around. I went to bed late and tossed and turned for a bit. During the night I had a horrible feeling when i looked out the balcony I saw what I think was someone smoking a cigarette. When he dropped the smoke and left my feeling of dread left. Sienna awoke and asked what was wrong. I told her not to worry and she went back to bed.

We went to pay for stabling, and I let the horse run around for a little bit. I saw the guard that gave me a bad feeling taking Looke in they say he stole from the merchant, the merchant backs up said story. Lokesh is the name of the guard. The merchant stumbled over his words and admitted that he was “mistaken” We convinced loke to talk to a girl.

We walked out looking for the horn for the Centaur men. We met a man sitting on a stump in the woods, named Kamen, He revieled himself as a member of the centaurs. We turned over all our weapons and they blindfolded us and led us to Mongoose. We walked for quiet a ways we headed north passed a stream and the clearing. The three men that brought me here and 10 other guys were at the place we arrived at. Its off some nearby road dont know where were at.

Spoke with Mongoose, convinced Lessic to leave the band. Mongoose told me the guards at Kha Umid captured the Mongrelman.

On the way back to town, we found a man dead next to a smashed cart and a donkey. The man body and the donkey have been mutilated. This all led off into a trail off the road. There was a small cottage, a dead dog mutilated outside of it and the door was smashed. In the front yard there was a woman mutilated as well. A man on the porch crushed under a boulder. Large footsteps and the door was broken open. A teenage boy was skinned and harvested meat from inside. A young boy seemed to lock his 4 year old sister in a chest to protect her from whatever was here. Another boy upstairs with a barbed spear in him so he would die slowly.

I was able to pull the spear and stabilize the boy. We left Sienna with the young boy and girl as Veloral and I went after whatever was out there. Further down the road we found another womans body. but there must be another woman somewhere because the clothes in the trunk don’t match her.

A bit further along we saw a large cave opening. Valorel and I found ourselves face to face with an ogre and we slayed it. We found
Handy Haversack
Scroll case Priestly of some sort
Potion Spider Climb
Wand Magic Missile 21 charges
75gp 81S 66CP

We met back up with Sienna and started heading back to town.

April 7th

Garoth family offered to let us stay with them for helping them save. During the night Valoral awoke me quietly and told me someone was breaking and entering. We surprised him and grappled the man. The kid was supposedly coming here to steal some food he looks scrawny.

We shuffled him outside. Gave the kid some trail rations to survive the next few days. and some gold. Kids name is Loke. Told the kid to go stay at the sleepy hollow. Loke told me there was a merchant whos looking for adventurers for employ Cedrin Kale. Cedrin Kale owns a silver smith in town I can get a hold of him there.

The lord of this city is Lord Dravin Issmer.

A man was slapping a woman in the streets and noone was stopping him. I stopped the man and the woman went to live with her sister for a little while. I gave teh guards and the people watching a disgusting look.

continued to Cedrins shop. There is a bandit group leader is Mongoose, group is centaur band. They have been a pain to most merchants and cedrins mine. He wants the band stopped. Bring him in alive for 200g bring him in dead for 75g . 300gp if we bring him in. Each gang member we bring in is 25gp extra. Speak with a man named Grizzin hangs out at the rusted mug for more information on the centaurs.

At the bar there was a large skeleton bird.

Grizzin ’s son is named Lessic. A couple years ago Lessics twin brother went fishing, brother fell off the boat and drowned. ever since then lessic has been forlorned. I promised Grizzin I wouldnt harm him if he gave me the information. Payed the rest of Grizzin tab and he told me how to locate the band. Take a road called Ore road, dead tree path at the clearing blow the horn at a hollowed out trunk in a tree someone will come meet with me. They also ride the nearby roads we might find them there.

The bandit group is known to help less meager people, and deal with more brutal brigands. As well as only rob the rich.

We decided to take a round about way to get there.. Valorel showed us to the spot and I headed down.

Attacked by some mutt looking creatures a mix of races. They said bloodspike is ruling over them. I trid to tell them i can rid them of his evil rulership but they are more afraid of him that they are willing to help me. I had to defend myself against them. After the fight (we were able to not kill any of them) I grabbed one of them and convinced him to help me get to bloodspike so I can kill him. I met Itzar he is the spiritual leader of the mongrel men.

In the next room we met Bloodsplike a ogrekin. After a exchange of words he charged me and we bested him.

april 2

The driver told us Suled caught the elf in a bar in Kha Umid. Says the supplies were already bought and sent for from Kha surel. The elfs name is Valorel. The rogue knows of where some treasure is, seems that its not really the merchants loot. The poison seems to only effect elves.

We arrived at Kha Umid around 2pm. Most of the buildings in this village are on stilts because its right on the water. The guards say Suled was granted permission to take Volarel as a prisoner by the captain here he wore a tabard of a gold pheonix with 2 fish in its claws.

Kevid the driver helped me explain the situation to the captain about why I was attacked.
Suled is the brother of the magistrate of this town. Solek is the Magistrate.

The captains name is Davis Brel. Kier Sarel is the lord of this town.

3 tempels in this town, Ellen Delayah(home and hearth), Keth (sea god), Dugal(trade and battle and healing)

The people in this town are a bit anti social, they seem unhappy, the guards seem anxious.

At the ellen temple. Sister BAreen spoke to me. The statue here was of a woman witha dove in one hand and a rainbow in another with childeren below her looking up. I didnt have the money to pay the preist to cure him but promised to pay her back somehow.

Valorel awoke eventually. After we talked he spoke of a life debt. pledged himself to me for saving his life. He is spending is life learning as much as he can and bettering himself. He says I was one of the prisoners on the ship he arrived on. The elven vessel Milothos. captained by Sara Heel. Sara Heel says he captured me in a raid in Skaul. Valorel says there were others that I knew on a seperate Slave ship, that ship went back to Quar.

Valorel says the town is a shit hole and the people

To repay the debt the preistess here said a man named Segren Vole has acquired a valuable jeweled holy symbol that was stolen from her temple. Go to the iron horeshoe and leave a message with the barkeep saying we are interested in buying the symbol.

Valorel says the fence and the nobles are in cahoots so we wont get help from the law here. He says he can help me contact the fence. Valorel took me to a whorehouse to find the man that knows of the fence.

The whore let me in the room to speak with Coal/Sharptooth. Valoral and I intimidated the man into telling us how to get to Segre. He said go to the broken haft and tell the barkeep I have a package that needs delivering. After the man asks tell him its worth 500gp at least.

At the tavern there was a confused looking man armed/armored he had a note that said “garoth if you want to see your sister again pay us 250G bring the gold tonight at midnight you know the place” Garoth saved some girls from being taken away and the bad guys were pissed at him and stole his sister.

After 2 doors with guards I made it down to Segren. He was at a table buying and selling things from townspeople. Segren demanded 750 gold for the symbol, he also wanted to trade for sienna but I shot him down. We made a deal to sell him some of the treasure in exchange for the holy symbol.

Garoth spent a lot of money of the food for us. Garoth sister name is Kayala she raised him as a child. The party that took his sister is part of the slaver guild.

The captain showed up and took me into custody into the magistrate. The magistrate all but doomed me to slavery. A man came in to my defense. he was flanked by 2 guards and a woman wizard. (the lord of the city) The lord relieved me of all crimes and fined Suled.

The lord asked to so my marking he says he is not on the best terms with the lord of Kha Surel. I told the lord of the doings in the town.

The man from the whorehouse is the one bartering the trade for Garoths family. We attacked and saved the family.


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