Challenged KAymen to a duel to decide Kaylas fate. Nonlethal duel.

Defeated KAymen barely.
Kayla wanted to speak with me alone. Shes just happy that I am saving her.

Let ernest know that the ladies like a chivalrous dude, and he should act as such instead of using foul language.

The queen beckoned for me. went to an area that was off limits. Looks like a very nice 3 room chamber. It ended up being the princess wanting some dong, had to give it to her.

A group of 12 minstrels walked past and my sword was glowing brightly. I know 4 of them arent evil because they joined me to see Quarmeer. The leads name (hes not evil) is Alberon. Narrowed it down to 2 men, then down to one. The guy is short. bowl cut, little chubby. The last guy isnt a minstrel he just a companion of their group. Delvan is his name. The minstrel group is named Lions pride.

Got Braidens help to track the man.

Cornered him and he feinted to be just a theif, i felt something more about him. He ran and i caught him trying to fake me out being a sleeping guard, it ended up being a drow when i killed him.

Went back and helped braiden, he said he knows i have a mission for the temple and he would handle this spy/assasin. He figured i might roped into something so he took over so i could leave.


Elraine came to see me that morning.

Someone came to see me from Scadia. They said its about Kayla. His name is Ser Kaymen.

Guy in shiny armor/white cloak/symbol of Ronoth, Shield with a pheonix. Mid 20’s
He wants to find Everend. This is about Rokar the guard that Kayla killed. Rokar is Kaymen brother. HEs come to take her back and have her punished. KAymen is a paladin to Ronoth.

He refuses to see my viewpoint. I told kayla I wouldnt let him take her.

Braiden told me Quarmeer wanted to see me. Quarmeer is bored and wants a special dish cooked.

Told the sinehsaw to cook quarmeers meal.
Told the wizard elraine is ok for the date.

met a skinny effeminate man. His name is Datelin Fletch, he wants me to have a dinner date with him so he can give me some information about Melkor.

Some knight slapped Elraines ass as we were walking. I tried to headbutt him but failed.

Spoke with the queen later, she is trying to free maverick, Melkor fled the city. The queen wants me to take a barony, and work my way up the ladder so i will be bred by the queen to marry the princess.
Then the queen came on to me, but i kind of avoided the question.

Went to speak with Preist of Ronath, they say a young paladin that worked for them Aldrek Leerson He was supposed to retrieve ancient scrolls. A cleric to Baldrek (god of hate murder destruction wickedness) by the name of Hathen , Hathen captured Aldrek, they presumed he was dead. Aldrek is now an antipaladin. The priest wants Hathen and Aldrek put down. They found out of a place they will be raiding for treasure.

They will arrive at the ruins in 6 days or so, a inhospitable area in nothern Anoria. Its a 4 day travel there. The place is a citadel to Azrad the Everburning.

Came back and Elraine had been beaten by the asshole knight. went and found him walking back from the temple Knocked him out with a single punch.


Met with the queen. Told her about everything. We plotted against Melkor somewhat, want to free MAverick.

Played some chess with ERnest hes better than me, sphynx almost beat him though. Ernest then took me to the court wizard Evar.
Evar agreed to remove the tatoo if I asked Elraine out on a date for him.

When he removed the tatoo i had memories return to me.

I left the village, went to shore with a party of men we tried to defend agains the elven slavers
Saw my father get cut down, tried to defend my mother, saw silowel knock me out. Another elf kiled my mother. Wake up chained being walked to the ships. Cut one elf in the face and he was being an ass to me after that. Silver hair blue green eyes. Sister was taken to another ship. Silowel killed my sisters husband. My nephew was brought aboard with me.

In the hold of the ship they brought me up and made we watch them throw my newphew overboard the elf that i cut in the face is the one that did it. Some female elf brought me lances ring brought me extra food and tended to me more than the other elves did. She was nicer than most. Defending the slaves more so than most. Beautiful elven woman long golden hair bluegreen eyes and a pretty necklace.

Ended up at Kha umid then was brought to Kha Surel. Pretty elven woman told me my sister would be safe though she wasnt here with me.

The lord of Kha Surel ended up buying me. Met the commander that I talked about before. The commander hates me. Learned that the commander likes the princess but she hates the commander. \

The wizard put me under a spell that erased my memory. this made me more complacent while I was a slave because I had no idea of my past. The lord made me impregnate a woman. One night a slave came to me and I joined in on a prison break. During the prison break I found the commander trying to rape the lords daughter. Tackled him out the window but I was captured again They pinned the rape on me. The daughter was unable to claim my innocence the commander made me look like the guy that did it. They placed another mark on me to have me castrated and worked to death in the salt mines.

A handmaiden on the princess let me loose I wandered for a while and fell into the ruins when i struck my head I woke up at the start of my advenure.


Found a sword named Meteor he talked too much, he said his last owner was mavericks father. He talked too much so we ended up leaving him since he would have gotten us killed, left him in the cell block.

Saved a bunch of people downstairs and a priest named Roland, killed the giant keeper that was torturing him.

Got some treasure son

MAde our way back outside

An orc wished to join my cause as well. his name is Grubkill he doesnt like his old name. Kayla and elraine named him Seth

There was a crazy merchant down there that broke under torture he thinks im a maggot from his flesh come to save him.

The elf ended up being one of the slavers that took me. His name was Silowel, he knows something about my capture but refuses to tell me. Forced him to tell me everything.

He says I was taken trying to defend the village. They then took the village. My mother and father were killed, my sister was taken on another ship. My sister was taken to the elven port city Tir Laleth. The ship was Lady light Lir neal.

Executed Silowel after he told me they threw my nephew overboard.


Shamus told me what he knew about hill giants before we went to speak with Quarmeer. Maverick was at Quarmeers cell and was upset that I was taking him away. Maverick has a compulsion spell cast on him probably from Melkor.

Went to the temple to get some supplies.

Met Father Siler at the temple.
Gve me wand 2d8+3 25 charges
4 scrolls of protection from evil

Went to find Thren the seneschal so I can find MAverick, Maverick went to Melkors villa.

Braiden found 2 knights willing to join us. Ser Tregg and Ser Ryal. Tregg offered to give me all of his spirits, he had alot. The plan is to get the hill giants drunk so we can best them. Thren handed some over as well.

My necklace imparted the common language here onto me, it no longer serves any purpose.

We left the alchocol near the hill giant fort and waited for the night. The next morning some giants came out and collected all the booze. The next night we moved in after they partied

Inside the keep
Found warhammer sized for human +1 Blunt


Shamus told me about the stone, its a “keystone” it can be used to open a portal to the plane of water. he says another one could be created

Most of the trip went smoothly. The night before we arrived the princess tried to have sex with me i turned her down claiming i was with Kayla.

We arrived at the port city.

Met Ser Maverick he was a douche to me. He left us without mounts.

A young knight named ser Braiden brought us all mounts sine he thought that was disrespectful.

The port city is Talrain. Braiden wanted to be a paladin to Ronoth but became a knight since he was more martail than religious.

Met the queen Shashi she is throwing a feast for our arrival

Met Felin my servant during my stay. She was extremely helpful almost too much so but she wouldn’t relent.

Met high priest Meklor he says of Morgrid who is the god of law but he is evil I can tell.

Met Calgreen the queens chancellor.

The queen knighted me Ser.

Braiden wants me to talk to a prisoner he claims is innocent but cant get any information about.

The prisoner is a fire giant. Northern Anoria there is a small volcano where a colony of fire giants live
Ser Maverick is they found him near a bunch of corspes and said he thinks he knows where the missing caravan is. His name Quarmeer. He left his lands, because he couldn’t tolerate their opression. he claims hill giants killed the caravan and killed the men. he chased off the hill giants and came back to the bodies when maverick found him.

The queen agreed to help with the release. told her about Melkor she seemed to agree.

Fucked the princess that night.

Told the giant I will secure his release. Might get him to work for me at the keep once we leave since he has nowhere else to go.

The princess demands that I bang her before she will help me with the queen and getting Quarmeer’s release.

The queen agreed to help release quarmeer if i can prove his innocence.

june 20th

The captain has imprisoned Ivar
LT Shane has stepped up to protect the princess now that the commander is dead.

Went to speak with IVar, Shamus detected his thoughts learned he was doing this all on his own hoping for some pay from Draven.

During the night one fo the fishmen came to speak to me. He was in coral armor and using a staff. Queela is the creatures name. He/she said that the ones that attacked me were highwaymen. Its the queen. She says one fo the enemy tribes has her son imprisoned. The enemy king that holds her son has a magic stone that he is trying to figure out how to use. She says the stone has the ability to flood the world.

The other race she speaks of is called the Scum.

Went to get Kayla to join me. The queen gave us necklaces to help us in the water.

We swam for a long time and came to a coral city. The plan is to attack the men while they transfer the gem and boy. Name of the guide she is sending with us is Ithax.

Ithax wants us to kill his brother when we find them. Ithax let loose that his mother wants my blood to do a ritual with the stone.

At the end of the fight kayla blinded Ithax and we stole the stone and ithax’s trident and left them. Headed towards the coast.

I put my speech necklace on them they offered to take us to our ship talking to kayla.

We got back to the ship and told everyone what happened.

june 19th

Sphynx got away from me, looked all over the boat and couldnt find him.

Sphynx brought back a vial of poison with a scarf.
Sphynx tells me it belongs to the man ive been eyeing the whole time.

The captain came to see me with the man, the man said I was going through his stuff. As we talked about what Ive learned A bunch of SAHUAGIN started attacking the ship.

We killed the SAHAUGIN.

At dinner I learned the commander is the princesses second cousin, a lot of his men got killed during Dravens attack.

The captain used to just be a regular sailor but was granted a ship for saving his old captains life. captain gathered his whole crew himself. The captain runs the ship freely unless the queen asks for his assistance.

Tried to convince the captain that Ivan tried to poison. Captain said Ivar was seen milling about around Dravens at one point.

Kayla was in my room half naked. Told her I didnt want this now, and got her to leave.
Got Shamus to come back and take a nap.

Heard Sphynx growling during the night walked outside and the last surviving sea creature attacked me, he got smote

Elraine tried to hide it but i found out the commander forced himself upon elraine.

Went and accused the commander. He tried to deny it. Followed him out on the deck and accused him in front of everyone. Challenged him to fight for Elrains honor and killed him.

june 17th

Executed the man. took his head and bagged it.

Met two men traveling my sword glowed showing someone was chaotic evil nearby. One named Zephed one named Zane. I told them that one of them is on an evil path and they should try to stray from it.

Spoke with the Pret (Vahemble) the shaman (Kickmok) and the seargent (Kravos) They call themselves the Vahene. Spoke with everyone about bringing the mongrel men and my crew to the tower.

We gathered all the gold we could, even sphynx led me to a key. Then took me to a marker and dug up a chest. A giant chest full of gold, it was too heavy to carry we had to
Gave the gold tot he council to use as they see fit.

Gathered the party, told elraine the plan to drop the head off at dravens and bring the ship to us outside the city.

The ship arrived at the boat eventually. Met the princesses commander Lukan. Met the captain Blackheart. My sword glew brightly when I stepped on the ship. I picked up something evil from a guy on the ship as I shook his hand. It may just be an evil thought and not the one my sword glows for.

Sphynx picked up something about the food and the man that pinged my evil sense.

june 15th

The men wanted to speak with me. Its about Tholin the man that raped Kayla. Tholin says that some of the lord of Kha umids men (draven) has captured an important woman. Acted like it was bandits. She is being held in some tower nearby. The people in Kha Khal might be able to tell me where this tower is.

Sphynx picked something up in the air and me and 3 men headed towards it. Sphynx found a man in the shed nearby listening to our conversation. Disarmed him and spoke to him.
He refused to tell us any information. Sphynx put on a show of attacking the man.

Draven apparently spoke with undead elf (veloral) and sen this man, (his second cousin) to find out if I was going to interfere. The man gave me directions to the keep. The cousin is supposed to report ot Mason strator the man in charge of keeping the woman prisoner.

Grace confirmed the existance of the tower, Nicon’s tower, an old wizards tower.

Went back to the cabin to sleep.

Woke in the morning to speak about the temple and how to handle the situation with the group.

Shamus told me of Nicon, he was obsessed to create life from magic. And mess with life all together. Preformed experiments on people. A paladin eventually came by to kill him.

We came upon the tower eventually.

Prisoner told us she is Princess Andria from Aronia. Small kingdom on north border of Scadia.

Staros came back to Kha Khal and roughd up Grace then killed his son. My men captured Stratos

Andria was in Scadia because her people had heard that Scadians were setting up border raids to start a war against Aronia. She came to gain Scadian assurance that they wouldnt start a war. Theres been territorial disputes between Anoria and Scadians for a long time.

Stratos was carrying a sword on him. When i pulled it from the sheath it spoke to me. Its the sword of Galoron the bright defeater of Nicron. The sword is named SunStrike.

Sunstrike told me they collected an old wizards bones and Im guessing thats why the lich spoke with Draven.

The sword is chaotic evil bane, glows brightly when in the area of chaotic evil people. I singled out a man named Ervat who is obviously the one the sword is glowing for.
Shamus detected thoughts on the man, he planned to poison me with some demon blood poison.

We are going to take the princess back home.

Spoke with the rest of the village as we left town. Checked on Everends grave one last time.



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