MAelstrom seems to be pulling his weight so far but he keeps playing tricks on sphynx

Made it to the druids house. Its dug into a hill like a hobbit hole.

Selann Eaglepoint Female human leather amror plain looking with spider monkey on her shoulder.

Krek Male half-orc ugly looking burnt face broken tusk. Studded leather quarter staff, scimitar shield.

Krek told me of Aradrea the dryad nearby. She is part of his grove

He says there is danger nearby the volcano He is OK with the village
He has been alone here with Selann for some time.

He hates draven he says draven knows of a resource here on the island. Krek doesn’t want ti collected as darkwood trees would be destroyed in taking it.

He says in regard tot he fishmen, (Kuwatowins) there is a cave nearby with cultists in it, he wants me to destroy them. There is also a underwater outpost nearby that has kuwatowin human hybrids and kuwatowins that i need to destroy as well.

Krek says near the volcano theres a small conclave of Fiery snake men.
extraplanar, evil, theres a sorc and cleric, and they invul to fire and nonmagic weapons.
Hes afraid they will destroy the village come summer, the only reason they arent destroying shit now is because tis cold out

Left after talking to him.

On the way back MAelstrom put a earring in me its magical but he doesnt know what it does, he could have cursed me.


MAlstrom says we can go to fey world and find these things to eat that will make us able to breath water for a day so we can assault the underwater base.

We make our way to the cave.


akrippler akrippler

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