met father egrid he told me a paladin sunny purelove will be arriving soon

saw the succubus get banished.

the princess said that she thinks her mother is talking with draven
afraid she is trying to get rid of her

Went to speak with lady seela shes the elven ambassadors daughter

Sir Bruden is the guy marrying her.

convinced them both to come and speak with her father.

talked with the ambassador he gave me my pass. he pretty much spelled it out that he is going to kill ser Bruden

went to temple the necklace with blood was demon blood we had it destroyed

amulet was a store lay on hands and you can use it later.
crystal of healing hands

captain stormeye (durden) will take us back home.

Delroth gave me a town name and owner of my sister in elven area.

the guy is a specialist tailor that owns a business and owns her.


akrippler akrippler

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